Fun Christmas Tree Ideas

November 15th, 2017 by Papa Elf

Do you go traditional or look for fun Christmas tree ideas for your family home.

I've always gone the traditional route but with a white tree. Looked kind of like an over grown baby bottle brush sometime though. In the last few years I've created a snowman tree which was named Olaf (obviously) and a Mickey Mouse Christmas tree.

snowman christmas tree
mickey mouse christmas tree

It's been fun decorating trees like this and coming up with more creative ideas so here is some inspiration for you.

Our Top 10 Fun Christmas Trees

10: Star Wars Xmas Trees

With Star Wars making a huge come back, there is no surprise that it's our top 10. [crafty morning]

Star Wars Xmas Trees

9:The Abominable Snowman Tree

Abominable Snowman is probably known to kids now as the one from Monsters Inc films. Well this tree is really easy to create in your home. A white tree, blue gloves, card and a little imagination. [unknown source]

The Abominable Snowman Tree

8: Avengers

Iron man, Captain America, Hulk and all your friends from the Avengers. Another white tree decorated with masks, toys and baubles. [unknown source]

avengers christmas tree

7: Upside Down?

A really colourful tree that's upside down! Really? Have family and friends confused to why it's not fallen down! [Arafen]

upside down tree

6: Ladders and Shelves

This is a really good idea and very easy. A step ladder with shelves in the middle, all decorated and ready for Christmas. It even has lights on the ladders and a train running around the bottom. [unknown source]

christmas tree made of ladders

5: The Grinch

We love the Grinch here at "From the Pole". Such a fun character that is loved by kids all over the world. This is an excellent tree where you can see him with his head in the tree. Just need some green pants and Christmas slippers and you can have the Grinch stuck in your Christmas tree. [unknown source]

the grinch christmas tree

4: Disney Frozen

Do you want to build a snowman? If you do then build a snowman Christmas tree, if not them make this Disney Frozen insired tree. [Pop Sugar]

disney frozen christmas tree

3: Toy Story

This Toy Story Christmas tree makes it in to our top 3. We love Toy Story and really appreciate it as we work with these toys every day of the year. We have a Buzz Lightyear as part of our security team and Woody rounds up the animals here at the North Pole. [Japanese Perspective]

toy story christmas tree

2:The Elf Stuck in the Christmas Tree

You would be surprised how often this actually happens. I've ended up in a mess like this on more than one occasion! And believe me, it can hurt us elves getting stuck like that. Kids love it though and think it's really funny! [Crafty Morning]

elf stuck in christmas tree

1: Disney Christmas Toys

And our number 1 fun Christmas tree idea this year is a full disney tree. We've been planning this years tree since last year. Picking up Disney toys, Tsum Tsums, stuffed teddies all year so we can have a soft toy tree. [Pretty my Party]

disney toy christmas tree

We will post an update to our Facebook page with our Christmas tree once it's up.

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