Personalised Christmas Behaviour Pack

From the Pole Christmas Behaviour Packs

Special Pre Launch Offer

This year we have a new addition to our "From the Pole" range of personalised gifts.

This is our Christmas Behaviour pack made specially by elves to encourage your little ones to be extra good. The pack has been developed to work in a particular way however you are free to mix this up as much as you like to suit your family and variation of the festivities. Our packs contain the following items:

Personalise Welcome postcard

The first item you see when you open the box is a personalised postcard with a welcome message for your little one. A special little message asking them to be good and letting them know that the elves will keep them updated on their progress (see behaviour cards)

Parents Guide

A brief guide for you on the intended use of the pack. Please change this as much as you need to suit your family and how you interact with the Christmas elves.

Behaviour cards

You will receive 36 cards in total. 26 Green, 6 yellow, 2 red and 2 star of the day. Leave these somewhere daily for your child to find as a little update from the elves to how they're getting on. How many can the collect before Christmas? Make more of a game with this if you have more than one child.

Christmas wish list

Most kids have a list as long as elves stockings for what they would like for Christmas. With this wish list they're free to write or even draw what they would like for Christmas this year. Once they have finished just pop it in the envelope we provided and leave it somewhere for the elves to collect.

Wish list reply postcard

Now that your child has sent their wish list off to the North Pole please leave this postcard for them to find. Don't forget to fill in your child's details and date on the back. This gives them reassurance that the elves have taken their letter and left a little thank you. Please note that this can be found with the parents guide.

Santa report card

Now we should be getting much closer to Christmas day. With Santa's report card you can rate your child on key points like politeness, sharing and so one. Give each a rating out of 5 and then work out their total score. We also include gold stars for you to stick directly on the report. Add as many as you like but don't forget to fill in your little ones details. There is also a tick box to say which list they have been added too.

Naughty and nice certificates

Which will you choose? Whichever box you ticked on the report card leave the appropriate certificate and report card where your child will find them. Christmas Eve is usually a good time to let them find these to add to the excitement the day before.

Activity Sheets

We have also included some activity sheets for your children to use. Little games like spot the difference, odd one out, a word search and even a few Christmas cracker jokes that they will love. Incase you need them, the answers are in the parents guide.

Schools, nursery, clubs and further bulk discounts available on request.

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