"This House Under Elf Surveillance" Personalised Certificate

You know Christmas is coming when your elves come back. Kids love these certificates as they are delivered to them in official "From the Pole" envelopes and you can put them wherever you want.

If you have a "House Under Elf Surveillance" Certificate you know you have an elf keeping an eye on your kids and reporting both good and bad behaviour back to the North Pole. You can also order naughty and nice certificates to compliment this too.

This is a full A4 created created using luxe heavy weight paper direct from our paper factory on Tinsel Avenue up here at the North Pole. We use bold colours that are perfect for the Christmas spirit and it even comes in a matching envelope as pictured.

Order your very own personalised certificate "From the Pole". We will then request the following:

The name of your elf
Full postal address of the child
If your elf does not have a name then please use our Elf Name Generator

All certificates are magically added inside the Christmas themed envelope with the child's details on the front and the sealed by a special elf. The envelope is then protected and sealed within a clear cellophane wrap before being dispatched in a plain, hard backed envelope.

Only £4.99

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